real estate daily grind - caddy relator

A great Real Estate agent is like a great Caddy! A professional golfer’s caddy is trying to help his
employer navigate the golf course, to give him the opportunity to use the right clubs to make the right
shots to make the right decisions, and win the round. Caddies have enormous “local knowledge” as they
walk the course making notes on distances from the tee to the green. They need to know from
landmarks on the course how far a shot must go to help the golfer select the right club. It is their job to
know intimately the slope of the green to or away from the pin and to be fully aware of the terrain. A
great Caddy accompanies their pro to the driving range to study the distance the golfer gets consistently out of each club.

That helps the Caddy offer wisdom to the Pro on the course. More information gives more knowledge which when combined with the Caddy’s experience allows the Caddy to help the Golfer make the proper decision based on good judgement. The Golfer still has to make the final decision!

Are you like the Caddy? Have you properly prepared to undertake representing your client knowing
everything about the playing surface, the rules, the course, and about your clients wants and needs? A
good agent knows what is available in a neighborhood, what has sold, what hasn’t sold, and details
about the neighborhood. A good agent will advise the client on the real condition of the property and
the things that add to or detract from the price of the home and provide multiple looks at pricing. They
provide proper documentation, communication on every hole, and try to keep ther client in control of
the process!

Great agents have learned enough from the client to understand their expectations and
their real needs to help them apply experience, knowledge, and good judgement in making their
decisions. Perhaps you should watch the Golf channel and pay particular attention to the caddies. They
depict the great “Realtor” we all want to be and you can learn a great deal about properly serving your
clients and participating in their “win.” Or… you could just carry the clubs and be replaced by a golf cart.

The choice is yours.