At Real Estate Daily Grind, we’re constantly asking the question “How do we best advise homeowners?” Whether we’re your broker or not, we want to share our expertise and be a trusted voice for you on your journey.

To that end, we’re pleased to share a new tool for homeowners that allows you to see the value of your home, and unlock additional information that can help you make the most of what may be your largest asset.

Homebot lets you monitor your home value in the same way you’d monitor your stock portfolio. With weekly updates, you’ll see just what your house is worth, where you stand with your investment, and whether it’s a buyer’s market or a seller’s market.

What is Homebot?

Homebot is a free online tool that we provide to you via our website. Simply enter your address. If you choose to enter your email address, we will send you a Homebot report that includes:

  • The overall value of your home
  • How much interest you might save by increasing payments
  • How much home you can afford
  • What you can do with your equity

You can review the details, and see additional information depending on what you want to do. For instance, some people are interested in renting their home on Airbnb; we’ll show you what you might earn by doing so.

Should I Sell My Home Now?

The real estate market can turn on a dime, leaving homeowners in a state of anxiety about timing. Over the past year, the market has hinged on a wild buying spree as the pandemic upended, well, everything. And while there are some signs that the market is cooling, we don’t know with certainty when mortgage rates will rise, or what 2022 will bring.

Therefore, having data in hand in order to make decisions, rather than waiting on external forces or “your gut” to make a sale, is paramount. Homebot gives you the information you need, based on where you live, your goals and desires. 

The bottom line is, only you can know for sure when it’s time to sell. Our tool simply gives you the chance to see the full picture before you do.

Data-Driven Decisions

Tap into the value of your equity. See how much you could afford on another property. Compare the value of your home and neighborhood to those around you. Homebot gives you a comprehensive view. When you can see more than just your mortgage rate, you can dream bigger. 

Your home is your most significant investment. If you’re ready, give Homebot a try. Once you receive your report, if you have questions, we’d love to hear from you! Our real estate professionals can answer any questions you might have about selling your home.

New Mexico is called the Land of Enchantment for good reason. When you consider the climate, dazzling landscape, national parks, cuisine, and art and music scene, you can see why this state has continued to draw interest from homebuyers across America. In particular, many of our new residents come from California.

California residents arent the only people moving to New Mexico. Companies such as Netflix have recently discovered everything the state has to offer, including a skilled workforce and reasonable housing and living costs.

Moving to New Mexico | Top Ten Reasons

If youre thinking about making the move, here are 10 great reasons. When you start doing your own research, youll almost certainly find more!

The Taxman Goeth

New Mexico is known for its friendly tax laws – including the lowest per capita property tax in the nation. In addition to supplying economic incentives and tax breaks for homes and businesses, you wont have to worry about inheritance, estate, or franchise taxes. More good news, there is no state tax!

Home Sweet Home

The biggest factor in leaving California for most folks? Housing costs. The average home cost in New Mexico was $224,374 as of November 2020. The housing market in New Mexico continues to grow, and the state’s cost of living is one of the lowest in the U.S. You can get a lot of bang for your buck with housing here, even on a brand-new custom home.

Wide Open Spaces

If youre looking for a place where you can stretch out and relax, New Mexico is where you should be. Unlike the cramped confines of big cities, New Mexicos wide-open spaces give our residents the chance to take a breath and take in the natural beauty all around them. There arent many multistory buildings anywhere in the state, and almost every neighborhood has its own hiking trails or is in proximity to outdoor recreational spaces.

History Comes Alive

If youre moving from California to New Mexico, youll immediately appreciate the states rich and diverse history. Up north, Santa Fe is home to the oldest state capital and the state is known as the birthplace of the American cowboy. Other places include El Santuario de Chimayó —located between Santa Fe and Taos—and the town of Lincolns Historic District. In Southern New Mexico, youll also find opportunities to explore native history and learn about the areas most infamous resident, Billy the Kid.

Come for the Weather

Did you know you can still experience four full seasons here? Warm, arid summers and mild winters—with an average daily high temperature of 56 degrees mean lots of sunshine and time outdoors. Seniors and others who are looking for a warm place without humidity have discovered that New Mexico weather is a draw. Its a great place for anyone with allergies, asthma, or other health issues.

Ready to Work!

New Mexico is home to a wide variety of industries, including technology, film and television, and nonprofit research. Aerospace engineering is another key industry – including Spaceport America, the worlds first purpose-built commercial spaceport. Additionally, New Mexicos university systems are world-class, so youll find great opportunities for learning, research, and work at both UNM and NMSU.

Nothing Like Home Cooking

The different flavors and meals youll find in New Mexico reflect the different cultures found throughout the state – Native American, Spanish, and Anglo. Whether its tamales or red chile marinated pork, the different dishes are bursting with flavors that rank from smoky to spicy, and everywhere in between. You can also discover one of the states favorite dishes: the green chile cheeseburger! If someone asks Red or Green?they are asking what kind of chile you want. Christmaschile means both!

Right Next to Everything

There are plenty of beautiful vistas and national parks to discover in New Mexico, including White Sands National Monument. Our central southwest location is also a great starting point for exploration. Imagine road trips or a quick flight to the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Arches, and more. Our neighbor to the north, Colorado, has beautiful mountains and forests, and Arizona and Texas have their fair share of spectacular vistas to explore, too.

Live in Concert

With the return of live music, there are plenty of places to watch a band play in New Mexico. From the Sunshine Theater in Albuquerque to the Cowgirl BBQ in Santa Fe, and lots of outdoor patios in Las Cruces and Mesilla, you can see local and national acts while enjoying hand-crafted beers, excellent cuisine, and the buzz and energy that only live music can bring.

Need a Friend?

The wide-open spaces and weather have an effect on the inhabitants of New Mexico. Theyre authentically friendly, laid back, and always ready to welcome new residents. In fact, most New Mexicans will wave as you pass by, whether you know one another or not. Were ethnically diverse with people representing Native American tribes, Latino and Hispanic communities, and African American, Asian, and Middle Eastern communities as well.
Interested in learning more about moving to New Mexico? Contact us or call 855-900-9400.

Las Cruces is a wonderful city to live and work in. Located in the southwest corner of the ‘Land of Enchantment,’ this city is known for its affordability, natural vistas, and the friendliness of the people who live here. Las Cruces is a city for creatives, entrepreneurs, and retirees alike.

There is so much to enjoy both after work and on the weekends thanks to the rich history and culture, the breathtaking landscapes, and entertainment options. There really is something for everyone here!

Low Cost of Living in Las Cruces

The cost of living in Las Cruces is quite low for a city of its size. Home prices, rental prices, and utilities are more affordable than in many other cities in the United States. This translates to a lot more space—and amenities— for less.

Use the money saved for retirement, vacations, and enjoying all of the fun activities your new home has to offer. The lower cost of living is also reflected in most services, including haircuts, car and home maintenance services, concerts, art shows, restaurants, and more.

New Mexico Outdoor Activities

Las Cruces is home to the unique and awe-inspiring landscape of the Organ Mountains, named for their resemblance to the pipes of an organ. There are many trails within the Organ Mountains Desert Peaks National Monument. For an easy hike, try Soledad Canyon Trail. Adventurers can explore the Sierra Vista trail by bike or horseback.

And, there are many other outdoor activities to enjoy in the area. Rafting on the Rio Grande is a summer tradition, and Las Cruces boasts 4 beautiful golf courses. White Sands National Monument is just a 40-minute drive away. You can’t miss the white gypsum dunes for exploring—and sledding!

And while you’ve got plenty of beautiful desert and mountains to explore nearby, a short day trip to Ruidoso can be made for walks in the forest or to Truth or Consequences for scenic natural hot spring bathing right on the Rio Grande.

Abundant Culture & Art

Las Cruces and the surrounding area are a hub for New Mexican culture and art, and many are celebrated in festival form. There is the Las Cruces International Film Festival, the Harvest Wine Festival, and the Water Lantern Festival, to name just a few.

Art is celebrated in many forms, including pottery, painting, and jewelry making. The wondrously distinct architecture of the region contributes to what feels like a celebration of New Mexican culture around every corner in the city.

There are also unique museums to experience while living in Las Cruces. In fact, the city and surrounding area have over 50 art galleries and museums, with collections honoring the history, heritage and landscape of southern New Mexico.

Las Cruces Food and Drink

The different neighborhoods of the city each have a personality all their own, and the dining options in each neighborhood greatly contribute to each neighborhood’s feel.

For example, in downtown Las Cruces you can enjoy several watering holes such as Little Toad Creek Brewery & Distillery, The Boneyard Cantina, and Rad Retrocade for some old-school arcade games in a nostalgic atmosphere.

You may often find yourself in Mesilla’s charming old town, which offers beautiful public spaces, delicious dining options like La Posta restaurant and the haunted Double Eagle restaurant, and world-class shopping options for pottery, books, and New Mexican handicrafts and goods.

There are also a number of wineries in town, which make for a unique dining experience. Because of the year-round sunshine and low humidity, there are many outdoor dining options, and a number of pet-friendly patios too.

Loyal to Local

The local goods and services market in Las Cruces is always growing—the city brings out resident’s creativity! People here love supporting their small businesses.

One of the best ways to shop for all things local in Las Cruces is to check out the incredible bi-weekly farmer’s market. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, you’ll find locally grown honey, vegetables, and fruits, and locally made baked goods, soaps, jewelry, and more on Main Street downtown.

You can also find local products at small retailers throughout the city, all of whom take great pride in sharing their work with both visitors and residents alike. In fact, the maker movement is so strong here that the Cruces Creatives maker space was formed to provide connection and support to artists and makers in the area.

New Mexico State University also provides support for local entrepreneurs through the Arrowhead Center.

Las Cruces offers a fulfilling, exciting, and unique lifestyle for all. Take the first step towards making Las Cruces your new home by contacting us today.

Tired of overcrowding, expensive property rates, property tax, and state income tax in San Francisco? Move to Las Cruces, New Mexico instead!