One of the greatest lessons I learned at an early age was “fishing” was not as simple as throwing out “bait” and waiting for the fish to find it. I hiked in a full day to a beautiful lake in the Sierra Mountains where “golden Trout” were said to be abundant. Stayed a cold night waiting for dawn to get my chance to catch these gorgeous fish. As dawn came, I was out at the water’s edge, baited my hook, slip weighted the line to get the bait to the bottom where I believed the biggest fish were hanging out and tossed my line in. After some time and no real activity I figured I was fishing in the wrong spot. Moved to another promising spot and tried again. Still nothing. Did I have the right bait? Changed bait and moved again but to no avail! This went on all morning. With nothing to show for the morning’s push, I decided to try the top of the lake and began using top water lure’s hoping that the big ones would be coming to the top to get food and I would attract them with my lure. Still nothing. By now I am getting nervous as what I was to eat for dinner was to be what I caught. Then a fellow fisherman passed by with a stringer full of beautiful Golden Trout. I asked where he caught them and he said “in this lake in doesn’t really matter where you fish”. I told him of my poor results and explained all I had done. His response is one I will never forget. He asked me if I had tried using a bobber and fishing the middle water? Puzzled, I said no and asked if that’s how he got his catch. The answer, “yes!”, he said “In every body of water there are fish. You just have to try different depths and different baits until you get it right and right today may not be right tomorrow as fish, like people, have different experiences every day.”

The lesson here is that to keep consistently helping people buy or sell homes, we have to “acquire” them in different ways with different tactics. There is not one way, one bait, one place, or one depth that universally works. Pay attention to the other fishermen, particularly those who have had success, and learn from them. Then, remember, tomorrow is another day and what worked well today might not be right tomorrow. That’s why fishermen take tackle boxes and different types of bait and lures. You just never know what works on any given day in any given environment. Be prepared to try and adapt- success will come. Yes, I ate well that night because I expanded my knowledge and tried something new, will you??