Today, more than ever, buying or selling real estate is like trying to win a football game. To win the game, every player involved must do their part. There is the offense to move the ball toward accomplishing the goal of scoring. There is the defense whose job it is to keep the game going toward our goal, not the opponents! Then, often overlooked, there are the special teams. Designed to provide strategic positioning on the field these are specialists whose job is to do one thing extremely well.

Each of these areas requires 11 individuals to properly perform their roles. So it takes at least 33 people to perform in some type of coordinated effort to score points and keep the other team from scoring more points and accomplish the purpose they set out to do- Win.

Even at the coaching level, there are offensive coordinators and offensive position coaches. Defensive coordinators and defensive position coaches. Even the special teams have their own coaches. Can you win at football if you have all the right personnel but poor coordination of the various roles and lack of a successful game plan based upon experience and knowledge of the
game? Not generally!!

So, who is responsible for the winning formula?? The head coach, that’s where the buck stops. A good head coach is worth a fortune.

How does this relate to Real Estate?

Buying or selling real estate today requires every discipline described above for football. Offense, defense, special teams, coaches and coordinators. They are sometimes more commonly known as title officers, warranty representatives, inspectors, appraisers, attorneys, accountants, and, of course, real estate agents. There are transaction coordinators, title examiners, insurance agents, loan underwriters, tradespeople, and county clerk. Even though there are those that believe all these people can work independently and without a head coach, I would contend that it appears that way until we look at the final score! Everyone buying or selling real estate needs a Head Coach. Someone who is knowledgeable and experienced enough to see that each discipline is covered and that the players in each discipline are appropriately performing. Someone responsible for anticipating what could go wrong and designing into the game plan the necessary steps to prevent the worst from happening. That Head Coach should be you! Make certain your clients know that you are on the job and extremely necessary to complete their transaction.